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detailed line art

from a young age, art has been a favourite pastime. i was always drawing and creating as a child. as I grew and shared my passion, I got such a buzz from creating pieces for friends and family. seeing their joy from my work has inspired me to share my art with more people. my art is a delightful collaboration between you and i. i create personalised, very detailed, hand drawn pieces of work that can be used personally or within your business. i cherish exploring and sharing this creative experience with others.



all my services are very personalised, hand drawn and made with love.

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embellished logos/emblems

detailed artwork used for business or personal projects.

wall mural

illustrated/painted art for walls.

coloured pencil sketches

depictions of my inner world in coloured pencil.


commissions and custom pieces

this offering covers the embellished logos, specific illustrations or posters for business or personal use.


i construct a detailed layout of elements and images that represent your business/personal ethos and feature your logo. designing and creating within the brief and intention for the final artwork. for instance, promoting an event, merchandise, holiday memories etc.


it is a keepsake made with much love.

custom painted wall murals

i have a lot of fun with these projects! i can tell any story you wish to be told through these murals. 


they are in situ, often bringing the outside surroundings (whether indoor or outdoor) onto the wall itself. elements of nature are always present and mingled in with the theme.


they all have a realistic spin, as opposed to graphic. but, i can work with any desired outcome. the colour scheme is generally  tonal to the wall colour to create a silhouette effect. sometimes there is colour or even a splash of gold.


while these take some time as it is all hand drawn and painted, the end results are intricate pieces to cherish...and get lost in!

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hey, i’m gabby,

i am a sydney based creator, thankful to be living in avalon. it has been an inspiring place to live, nestled in with nature amongst plenty of artistic souls.


my intention when i make art is to connect, collaborate and produce pieces that are heartfelt and made with much love.


at school I wanted to be a graphic designer but high level sport and parental guidance skewed my priorities.


i completed a commerce degree after school. then worked in advertising, pivoted again to work in clothing production for a fashion company and then put it all aside to raise three beautiful children.


of late, time has been on my side. i have realised the importance of working congruently with your dreams rather than helping others achieve theirs. 


it’s a freeing feeling to finally let what’s in my heart speak through my creative work.

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get in touch

it would be an honour to work with you. please shoot me a message with what you are interested in creating. my email is

thanks for submitting!

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